Testimonials From some of our Satisfied Customers

Rick Rainwater hit it right the first time. His service was awesome. I am very pleased with the look and feel of the Web site. Everyone compliments me on the site.

Dave Hill
"The World's Greatest Hypnotist"

Dear Rick I want to sincerely thank you for the quality service you provided. My new Website is Fantastic!
Your communication and willingness to give me the design I wanted was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend your service to anyone.


Steven Swetman
585 288-6443

My friend from Kiosk, Joel Therien emailed me about a great guy who might be of help in setting up a safelist. Still learning the ins and outs of the internet world. Well, I called the guy and ask him if he could build a safelist for me. To be honest, I thought the guy did a great job on it and very reasonable on the price. His name is Rick Rainwater. Fast Design

Thanks a lot Rick,
Joe Long

Hey, Rick!!

My safelist is a hit, thanks!! Now I just have to promote it LOL

A good friend of mine is going to get a hosting account with Kiosk...any possible chance you could find time to do her safelist for her? She absolutely loved what you did with mine! I know you're busy...but if you could squeeze one in, it'd be great!


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